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Sand Art Programs


Sands of many colors, art of infinite diversity & design, & fun for any age group. Artists create masterpieces with flowing sand in bottles or necklaces. A captivating Make-it/Take-It experienc!e

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Candlemaking Programs


Using unique candle wax in a granular form, candles of innumerable designs can be quickly & easily crafted. Just scoop, pour, & embellish your design: we will insert a wick & seal the wax in your container

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Handmade & Heirloom

Handmade Baby Blankets, Quilts, Bonnets

Laura crafts every stitch with the love & care of a mom making personal treasures for her own kids. Baby quilts, crocheted blankets & bonnets, all creatively crafted to last. Find your new heirloom today!

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